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Splendid Spas is part of a global network of select Emerald Spa and Great Lakes Spas dealers who also demonstrate excellence and strive to exceed expectations in selling and installing top quality spas manufactured at in Kentwood, Michigan by Emerald Spa Corporation.



Emerald Spas   Whether you’re buying your first spa or you’ve
owned a hot tub before . . .

Whether you want a special place to socialize
or a personal sanctuary . . . 

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  Great Lakes Spas
Why Buy an Emerald Spa?
The Emerald experience is as distinct and rewarding as its many standard features and available options.
An Emerald Spa provides a wonderful environment for relaxation, revitalization and recreation

Emerald Spa builds a highly respected product and has led the industry in innovation since our beginnings more than 30 years ago under the Polynesian Spa brand name. Each Emerald spa features advanced design, offers innovative engineering, and provides ultimate performance. Our spas are built with an emphasis on quality and trouble-free operation, so you get the most satisfaction from your spa ownership.
ErgoComfort Seating   ErgoComfort Seating
Over twenty years ago Emerald Spa designed the industry’s first scientifically engineered ergonomic spa. That tradition continues by offering luxurious seating with real support and exceptional comfort. Today, the contoured seating options in our ErgoComfort shells—from Single and Reversible Loungers for really stretching out to our unique corner Captain’s Chairs—still set the standard by which spa comfort is judged.
  Energy Efficient Design   Energy Efficient Design
In an effort to reduce cost of ownership and meet strict energy consumption requirements, all our spas are thermopane engineered to trap air between layers of high-density foam and retain the warmth created by the spa’s internal components. Emerald Spa maintains an on-site, certified lab to continually test for maximum energy efficiency. You can choose from a variety of insulation options to suit the climate of your home.
EverClean Water Purification   EverClean Water Purification
Our water filtration system—working in concert with SPA FROG® mineral sanitization technology, a weir skimmer and filter elements treated with Microban®, and optional ozone generators—produces the cleanest, freshest water possible; with the fewest chemicals and the least spa maintenance.
  MassageAir Therapy System   MassageAir Therapy
Our air bath system pulls air into the water through all of the jets creating a bubbling hot-spring that delivers a gentle, circulation-stimulating massage and truly makes our spas feel different. Whether you prefer the deeper massage of the whirlpool and tsunami jets or the lighter massage of the air bath, this enhanced spa experience enables you to enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and therapy.
Reinforced Acrylic Shell   Reinforced Acrylic Shell
Built to last a lifetime, shells are formed from a cast acrylic sheet co-extruded with ABS that’s been reinforced with environmentally friendly Acrylobond®. This engineered shell system contributes to overall dimensional stability and is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  High-Performance Jet Select   High-Performance Jet Select
Our plumbing and manifold power distribution technology maximizes and equalizes flow to all jets, while an interchangeable system allows you to switch out jet faces to adjust the intensity and sensation of individual jets for a truly personalized hydrotherapy experience.